5 Reasons to Go to the Zoo in Cartagena

When you’re visiting the world’s biggest city, there are a lot of reasons to go.

It’s home to one of the worlds most famous wildlife reserves, and there are some amazing wildlife sights along the way.

The city’s famed zoo, which is the oldest and most famous in the country, is also the oldest zoo in Europe, with an impressive list of exhibits dating back to 1894.

Now, the zoo’s owners are looking to expand the zoo into a more naturalistic environment, creating a “wilder” experience.

“Our goal is to create a more intimate experience for visitors, with more opportunities for people to interact with animals,” the zoo said in a press release.

“It is important to note that the zoo will still feature a zoo entrance, but this will be in a natural environment.”

The zoo hopes to have the new experience open to visitors in 2019.

The park has about 2,500 animals and has seen some incredible animals such as the giant python, giraffe, rhinoceros, and leopard.

They also have the largest zoo in the world, and the animals can roam freely around the zoo.

It currently houses about 500 animals and offers a number of wildlife programs and activities.

Here’s how the zoo plans to get that number down:1.

An all-natural walking trail systemThe zoo says they’ll create a pathway in the park that will lead visitors from the zoo entrance to the trails.

The plan is to have it open to all visitors at the same time.2.

A fully integrated zoo systemThe plans are for the zoo to be integrated with the rest of the city, with a walk-through experience.

The zoo will have a walkway with a waterfall, a treehouse, and a water fountain.

The path will connect to a pathway along the river.3.

A new playgroundThe zoo hopes the new pathway will be an area for children to enjoy a more “natural” environment.

The playground will be located in the center of the park and will include a large play area, an indoor pool, and an outdoor area for the animals to run around.4.

A wildlife reserve to protect the animalsA new wildlife reserve will be built to protect animals such a zebras, elephants, and rhinos, and will be open to everyone.5.

A nature center and aquariumFor the animals, it’ll be a new place to visit.

“The zoo’s new wildlife park will be a natural habitat where the animals will be cared for and cared for well, while providing them with the best possible care, and they will receive the best natural experience possible,” the park said in its press release on the plan.

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