A Spanish newspaper has published an

saying that a woman has been sexually assaulted in Mexico City.

The article is available here.

article Spain’s newspaper La Vanguardia has published a new article saying it has found the woman who it says was sexually assaulted at a bus stop in Mexico.

The woman is now being investigated.

According to the article, the woman was on her way to her house to buy food for her family when a group of men attacked her.

She said that she was then raped, and the group of assailants ran off.

Spanish newspaper La Voz de Todos las Mundos published the article Saturday night.

La Vaz reported that the woman is an employee of the newspaper and the article says she is in her 40s and a mother of two.

The newspaper said it had not been able to reach the woman.

The alleged attacker was not named in the article.

La Vanguardi said it has asked authorities to take action against the perpetrators.

It said in a statement that the women was sexually harassed by two groups of men who then chased her away.

A witness who said he witnessed the attack told La Vanguardio that he saw the man “throw her into the car,” the newspaper said.

Authorities in the city of Sinaloa have been investigating the incident.

The Associated Press is not identifying the woman or the man.

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