AUSTRALIA to cut the number of migrants arriving in Australia by up to 50%

AUSTRIA will reduce the number arriving in the country by up a third as part of a drive to curb the flow of migrants and refugees.

The Australian Government is to reduce the total number of people arriving in this country from more than 11,000 a day to fewer than 6,500 a day.

A new “catch and release” policy, which will apply from next month, will mean that people who arrive on foot will not be detained and sent back to their home countries.

This means they can be repatriated in a safe manner.

A government statement said the change would “strengthen the border, keep Australia safe and reduce the risk of people entering our country by boat”.

It said the Government was committed to reducing the number, speed and volume of arrivals to Australia and that the policy would be rolled out over the coming months.

The Government said the policy change would reduce the cost of processing arrivals and deter others from coming to Australia.

The policy change was welcomed by immigration advocates, who say it will reduce people smuggling, but it has also come under fire from those who believe it will be counterproductive.

A report published last month by the Institute of Public Affairs found that, since 2013, the number and frequency of people leaving Australia by boat had increased.

It said there were approximately 50,000 people who had left Australia by sea, while the number attempting to make the trip had increased by 300 per cent.


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