Boca Juniors: Boca, Cartagena: Top-flight hotel group launches brand new hotel,resorts and resorts in Cartagedia

Boca-based Cartagene Hotels Group is launching a new brand-new hotel and resort in Cartaggia in Colombia, a region that hosts Colombia’s biggest cocaine trade, the Colombia News Agency (CNA) reported.

The brand new Cartagenia Hotel and Resort, will be located on the shore of the lake of Cartageno in CartAGENIA, Colombia.

It will be the second brand-named Cartagens hotel and the first in the country after Cartagenos most-famous brand-name Cartagetown.

The hotel will offer more than 400 rooms in a boutique hotel that will offer a range of amenities and entertainment.

It will also offer a private terrace for guests, and an outdoor restaurant for catering.

It is the third brand-naming of the hotel and it is not known if it will be available in other parts of Colombia.

It is one of Colombia’s most prestigious brands and the brand is known for its luxurious hotels, the latest luxury products and its quality of service.

Cartagenes tourism, the countrys second-biggest tourism industry, generated $2.8 billion in 2012, according to the latest estimates from the National Statistics Office.

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