Cartagena tourists to get beachfront condos in return for surf lessons

Residents of Cartagosa, Venezuela’s second-most-populous city, are preparing to leave for the beach, to get some of the perks of the city’s most famous vacation spot.

The vacation, which comes on the heels of Venezuela’s first-ever hurricane, has been dubbed Cartageno’s “backpacker” vacation because it includes some of Cartas most famous spots, such as the beach and the popular Cartagem beach.

Cartagenos first-hand experience of the area is something they will cherish, and the resort is offering to give the residents some of their surfing lessons.

“We have a lot of beaches and surf spots in Cartagenos town, but it’s a different experience to go to a beach and to surf,” said Maria Guzman, a local resident and Cartagens mayor.

“This is a very important beach for tourism.”

Guzman, like many residents, is excited to see how Cartageneans tourism industry will recover from the storm.

“We are expecting tourism to be very strong because of the storm,” she said.

“It will be very important for the tourism industry.”

The vacation has drawn thousands of people who were planning to visit Cartageni on Monday but were unable to due to the heavy flooding.

That’s because many of the beaches that were under flood watch are no longer open, and many residents are forced to abandon their plans due to damage caused by the storm, including the flooding at the beach where Cartagenes tourism resort sits.

In Cartagencia, many residents have taken to social media to express their disappointment and anger about the lack of help from the government and the lack from tourists.

“The people who came to Cartagén are not the ones who were affected,” said Jorge Torres, a resident who owns a hotel.

“They are not those who are still waiting for help from Cartagener government.”

The government has yet to provide any assistance for Cartagenic residents.

The mayor of Cartaginas capital, San Cristobal, has already announced that he will give residents a refund for their trip.

And while the resort may be getting some of its tourism back, the city of Cartags economic problems are a lot worse.

Cartagena’s tourism economy is suffering from low wages, high inflation and lack of access to basic goods.

The tourism industry is the only industry that provides enough to make up for Cartaginos lower income, according to the Venezuelan Institute of Tourism.

Many of the residents in Cartaganos are in need of money to pay their rent, which is rising at an alarming rate.

And many of them, like Torres, are still working full-time jobs to make ends meet.

The tourism industry, meanwhile, has also faced a lot more pressure than normal due to inflation, which has jumped by 40% in the past year, according the government.

But, with Cartagennes unemployment rate at 20%, the government is doing its best to help.

“There are still people who work.

But most of the people have jobs in other sectors,” Torres said.”

So it is good to have the tourism sector back.

But I still need a lot, and I think that there will be problems for many more people.”

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