Cartagena volcano to be destroyed in a volcanic eruption

Cartagene volcano is on track to erupt at least one more time this year as a result of an eruption that will destroy its iconic Cartagen Volcano.

The eruption, which could occur any time between March and April, will send a plume of ash, volcanic gas and steam spewing out of the volcano.

The volcanic eruption, dubbed Cartagenes eruptive event, is being triggered by a landslide of mud that washed away portions of the volcanic hillside.

A plume from the mud will travel at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour and then settle into the crater of the Cartagens crater.

The ash plume will be released into the atmosphere, with the ash being so large it will likely form clouds.

It could be as high as 150 feet high and will reach the western coast of Argentina.

Scientists say the eruption could be triggered by an eruption at the end of March, followed by another at the beginning of April.

They said it would not be the first eruption of Cartagenos Volcano in the last 10 years.

Cartagens volcano erupted in January 2014, sending a plumes of ash and steam from the crater.

It had a total volume of 7.3 billion cubic feet of ash.

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