Colombia to cut power to over 30,000 households with COVID-19, including 3,500 who have been vaccinated

Colombia’s government says it will suspend power to more than 30,200 households across the country on Tuesday as the country struggles to contain a coronavirus pandemic.

A report by state broadcaster Televisa said the government will also restrict access to food and drink for some.

Colombia has the world’s second-highest COVID toll and is one of the hardest-hit countries with an estimated 7 million infections and a death toll of around 3,000.

“We have to stop killing ourselves.

We have to come together, we have to start talking about how we are going to protect the country,” President Juan Manuel Santos said on Sunday.”

I want to reassure the people that there is no death, that the people are protected.”

The power cut will take effect at 9:00pm local time (11:00 GMT).

The power plant was shut down earlier on Sunday after a power cut sparked by a virus-related incident.

The country’s National Emergency Management Agency said the blackout will last a day, with some areas remaining without power.

The agency said it would use social media to reach out to affected families.

The COVID virus causes fever, headache and joint pain and has been linked to respiratory problems and death.

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