Colombian drug cartel is the new kingpin in Colombia

Cartagena is a drug capital of Colombia and one of the most popular destinations in Latin America for tourists.

The city is home to the country’s second largest drug market, and Cartageno has been home to some of the biggest organised crime syndicates in the region.

But it’s also been a place where Colombia’s biggest drug lords and the most powerful criminals in the country have operated for decades.

Cartagenia’s new boss, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman, is the boss of the largest drug trafficking organisation in the world.

He was previously convicted in the US for the murder of a DEA agent and sentenced to life in prison.

Now he is in prison, serving his second life sentence.

His name, as well as Guzman’s, are synonymous with drug dealing.

As a result, Guzman has become a symbol of the Colombian drug trade, the most lucrative in the Western hemisphere.

According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), in the first half of 2017, Cartagenos purchased more than $30bn worth of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and marijuana.

Cartagos is also home to many of Colombia’s most notorious drug cartels.

There is the infamous Cartagel de Guzmán, which has controlled the streets of Cartagosa for decades, and its most powerful affiliate, the Juarez Cartel, which was led by Joaquím “El Capo” López Guzmo, until he was arrested in 2006.

The Juarez cartel has since been replaced by the notorious Cartel del Teatro, which is led by Juan Pablo Escobar, a Colombian drug lord who died in prison in 2002.

In 2018, Colombia’s Supreme Court ordered the removal of the name “El Cossack” from the street in Cartagal, which had been a nickname for Cartagens drug trafficking operation.

Cartaganas name, on the other hand, has been synonymous with Cartagón and has long been synonymous to the drug trade in the area.

“It is a name that is synonymous with drugs,” said Javier Rangel, an expert on Colombia’s drug war at the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.

“So, Cartaggias name is a symbol.

Cartagoas new boss is Joaquim “El Chico” Guzmon, a drug trafficker, who was previously imprisoned for the kidnapping and murder of an American DEA agent, but has since fled to Colombia. “

Cartagena has always been a very lucrative area for drug trafficking,” he said.

Cartagoas new boss is Joaquim “El Chico” Guzmon, a drug trafficker, who was previously imprisoned for the kidnapping and murder of an American DEA agent, but has since fled to Colombia.

“The Cartagos people are very proud of the history of Cartagos,” Rangel said.

“They are very happy to have this new king.

And I think they will continue to use this name in the future.”

The Colombian government has repeatedly defended the name.

“We want Cartagenes name to be used by the community, not for the drug cartels, and for the people of Cartaginas name to stay together, as they always have,” said Foreign Minister Hector Timerman in an interview with El País newspaper in 2017.

“In Cartagas case, I think the name is still used by a small group of people and that it is important for everyone to respect that, to show respect and to respect the community and its customs.”

But Cartaganoans opposition to the name was not without its critics.

“I am against the name of Cartaggia because it has no history,” said Marisol Barajas, a member of the local community, in an opinion piece published in El Pais.

“You cannot talk about a name like Cartagana, which, after all, means a community of the Colombians.”

The debate is still raging in Colombia’s Parliament, with opposition lawmakers trying to remove the name from public buildings and public spaces.

The opposition argues the name, which also means “Cartagoas”, is an insult to Cartagans history and the region, and that Cartaginas name is offensive to Colombians who were once slaves of the Cartagones.

The countrys drug cartels have been able to control many aspects of Colombia, such as the local police force, the government, the economy and the media.

The Colombian authorities have even been accused of using the countrys media to incite unrest, especially in recent years.

“This name has not changed much,” said Jorge Guevara, an anthropologist who is an expert in the drug war in Colombia.

“[It is] still a product of the drug traffickers.”

But some say that the name has been used by Colombians to express the way they feel about the country.

“Many Colombians are ashamed of this name,” said Carlos Alberto Barreiro, an activist and a former Cartaguan.

“Some of them have adopted a new name in order to express their anger

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