How a U.S. anti-drug policy helped Colombia fight drug cartels

As Colombia’s war on drugs has raged on for years, Colombia’s government has struggled to curb the trade and crime that fuels the violence.

The drug trade, fueled by Colombian drug cartels and international organized crime, has ballooned into a multibillion-dollar industry.

The United States has played a significant role in the war, supporting Colombian forces fighting the cartels and helping the government build up a military.

Now, the United States is once again stepping up its efforts to combat drug trafficking, with Colombia in a bind.

The war has resulted in a sharp rise in violence in the country, with an estimated 2,000 people killed in drug-related incidents in 2016 alone.

Colombia’s anti-narcotics strategy, which the country has embraced, has been instrumental in combating the drug trade.

But a new administration, led by President Donald Trump, is under pressure to rein in the anti-money laundering law that has helped Colombia, the world’s fourth-largest economy, clamp down on money laundering and other illicit activity.

The law is a central pillar of the country’s economic and social reforms.

But critics say it has failed to tackle the drug war, with its strict financial reporting requirements and tough penalties for the use of illegal drugs.

To address the growing drug trade in Colombia, Colombia is now developing a drug prevention strategy to help curb the flow of illicit drugs.

The strategy is expected to be finalized by the end of this year, according to a Colombian government document obtained by The Washington Times.

The plan includes a series of steps, including a focus on reducing the flow and circulation of illicit drug products through the Internet, making it harder for drug traffickers to evade detection, and expanding the government’s efforts to provide free legal services to victims of drug trafficking.

But the drug strategy is not just a priority for Colombia.

As the country struggles to address the drug crisis, a number of other countries are also moving in that direction.

Many governments have enacted similar anti-marijuana laws to Colombia’s.

But some countries have had success in reducing the trade in marijuana, as some states have legalized recreational use and other recreational activities.

Colombia has seen a steep rise in the number of marijuana-related homicides in recent years.

In 2016, there were 2,746 drug-involved deaths in Colombia.

In some states, however, the number has been as high as 5,000.

This increase is largely attributed to the rise of the drug trafficking and the growth of drug cartels in Colombia’s urban areas.

In a country where marijuana is illegal, it is easier to grow it and it is harder to control the product, according the country-specific Drug Analysis Center, an independent research group that tracks the drug industry.

In April, Colombia recorded the largest increase in marijuana-based drug trafficking deaths in the world, with more than 40,000 drug- related deaths in 2017.

A new anti-trafficking law, which passed in April, allows police to search homes suspected of being involved in drug trafficking when they are not investigating a crime, including drug-based murders, police said.

However, some critics say the law has not gone far enough.

In January, a new law was enacted to make it harder to import and sell marijuana in Colombia and make it a crime to sell marijuana online, a law that critics say would be ineffective at curbing the growth in the drug market.

It also allows authorities to arrest and hold people for marijuana-traficking offences that involve a person under 18.

The new law has made it more difficult for people who are suspected of involvement in drug smuggling to get medical treatment or to seek social or political support.

“It has failed on two fronts,” said Ana Marques, a lawyer who specializes in human rights issues.

“The first is it has created a new threat to the law enforcement.

The second is it’s a big obstacle to the people’s right to medical care and support.”

In the meantime, Colombia has been forced to rely on other countries for help.

The country has been trying to improve its relations with its former allies and partners.

While Colombia has a long history of dealing with drug traffickers, it has never had a relationship with the United Kingdom, where the United Nations has called the war on cocaine a failure.

Colombia recently signed an agreement with the British government to set up a new U.K.-based Drug-Free Trade Zone, a move that has angered some drug traffickers.

“We are very disappointed,” Marques said.

“They want to send a message that this is a safe place to work.”

Colombia is also trying to increase the amount of money flowing into the country.

This month, Colombia signed a $200 million contract with the London-based Global Fund to Fight Drugs and Trafficking to build a new center in Bogota to help the country combat the drug problem.

This agreement, signed on July 1, also provides the United State $2.8 billion in aid for a program that aims to improve the

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