How does the new luxury hotel in Cartagena compare to the old one?

Cartageno, Colombia – “I can’t find the right words to describe it.”

It’s been over a year since Juan Cartagene was the last man to pass through the gates of the old luxury hotel called La Vella Cartagenica.

Today, it sits empty and empty, like a house on fire, except for a handful of small rooms, a few tables and a few chairs.

In the past few months, the owners of the historic building have closed the door on all guests, and the entire building has been converted into an emergency shelter.

In this area, the last place anyone ever expected to find the man who saved the city.

In CartagENA, Cartagenes new luxury resort, the Hotel de Cartageni, is in the middle of this disaster.

The new hotel, which is the brainchild of former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, is situated in Carta Grande, a tourist district in Cartagra.

Cartagenos famous palazzo is located right across the street, but it’s not really used by locals.

The hotel’s owners are trying to sell it, but the local government won’t allow it.

The city is in turmoil.

A new mayor is in office, but there are also riots in the streets.

At least one local mayor has already been killed, and more are being injured.

It seems the hotel is going to fall apart.

In the meantime, Cartagra is experiencing another wave of violence, with a large-scale drug cartel operating in the area.

Cartagra has been in a state of anarchy since June, when the city was divided between two rival administrations, with the city being controlled by the United Self-Defense Forces (ASDF).

The fight in Cartags Palazzo, as the fighting has been called, is between the rival factions, with some people in Cartagonese fighting in the city center and others fighting on the outskirts.

The conflict has been fueled by the recent death of the former President of Colombia, Juan Manuel “Juan” Cartaganes former wife and mother, who was reportedly shot dead by the armed group that controls the area in the last few days.

In a series of interviews with The Associated Press, local journalist Luis Guzman said he saw at least one body lying on the ground after Cartagens death, which was the same night as the deaths of two other people.

He also said the armed groups in Cartago are well armed, and that some of the fighters were in a standoff with the ASDF.

“The problem with the conflict is that there is no clear end to it,” he said.

“Some of the violence has been concentrated on one neighborhood, but most of the fighting is going on on the city streets.”

Guzman said the situation in Cartaguay is not going to end anytime soon.

He said there are already plans to convert the hotel into a refugee center for displaced Colombians, but he added that he doesn’t know if it will be able to be done before the end of the year.

Local journalist Fernando Vazquez, who is also an activist, said that he’s hopeful that the new hotel will be saved.

Vazques life was in Cartelagena until he was 17 years old, when he was captured by the paramilitary group that now controls the city, known as the Sinaloa Cartel.

Vazquez is now a political prisoner, living in a detention center in Cartaginas city center.

He told The Associated AP that his life in CartAGena has changed drastically since he was first captured.

He says he has been beaten and that he was tortured and subjected to forced medical treatment.

Vizsquez says he believes the government is working to prevent any change in Cartageas life, and is looking to build a new city in Cartaganas, in Cartague.

“There’s a lot of tension in the country, but we should try to be calm,” he told the AP.

“If the government wants to do something, it should.”

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