How to avoid a tourist snafu at Bogota airport

Travel agents have warned travellers to avoid Colombia’s capital Bogota after security officials said travellers could face fines of up to US$200 if they tried to board a plane that was diverted due to a flight delay. 

The Bogota International Airport Authority (BIRA) tweeted on Friday that it had issued a temporary flight ban for Bogota, which it said was due to “security concerns”.

“Due to the high volume of passengers and passengers’ personal data, the airline cannot guarantee that all passengers will arrive on time and will ask passengers to leave the airport,” the airline said in a tweet.

“The flight will not be cancelled and all passengers must pay the fine.”

The airport authority also said that flights from Bogota’s international airport would be cancelled for 24 hours.

It is the first time the airport authority has imposed a temporary travel ban. 

On Tuesday, the authority tweeted that “we are working to get the plane back to Bogota”.

But it later tweeted that it would not be possible to bring in passengers “in the shortest possible time”.

“We are working with our partners to bring the plane to Bogotá,” the airport’s tweet said.

“The aircraft will not go back.” 

The airport has previously faced delays due to an air-traffic control system outage.

In September, a flight diverted from Bogotac to the Colombian city of Guayaquil when a power failure led to a breakdown in the airport, forcing the closure of its arrivals hall.

In June, a passenger jet carrying US$1.3m (US$1,000,000) was diverted to Colombia’s Bogotas airport after an emergency situation in Bogotacas airport prompted authorities to shut down all international flights.

“It is important to remember that in Bogota there is a very high rate of passenger traffic, so this is a real risk,” BIRA’s spokesman said on Twitter.

“If there is no alternative, please do not take any risks.

The airport is not a flight airport, but it is the only one with a runway.””

We cannot give you an answer on how the airport will operate,” the tweet said, adding that the airline was working with “our partners to get to Bogorota”.

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