How to avoid the Cartagena Flood of 2016

A flood in Colombia, with heavy rain and landslides, caused some damage to the city of Cartagens and the surrounding area.

The flooding forced authorities to evacuate several people and the local government has been unable to reopen schools and hospitals, but residents are hopeful that things will get better.

The city of 4.5 million residents, located in the eastern region of Cartago, was inundated by heavy rains, landslides and flash flooding on Friday and Saturday.

In addition, more than 30 people were killed in landslides.

According to the Colombia National Disaster Agency, more people are still missing than the death toll from the flood.

Authorities have said that there are no deaths or injuries related to the floods, which they have described as “a disaster of epic proportions.”

The flooding is being blamed on the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO), which is characterized by heavy rain events and high temperatures in the northern hemisphere. The El Niño system has been strengthening over the past two years and is believed to be affecting the region’s rainfall, especially during the rainy season, as well as the countrys ability to manage the effects of severe weather.

This has led to some areas experiencing extreme rainfall events.

In the worst-affected areas, the rain was heavy, with some regions getting more than 2 inches (5 centimeters) of rain.

This is due to the El Niños intense rainfall that has already occurred during the past few days.

Heavy rains caused some of the damage to buildings and the water was reported to be falling on the roofs of homes.

Some areas in the region have been flooded as far north as the Colombian capital Bogota, while the floods were reported to affect parts of Colombia’s eastern region.

Colombia is experiencing its worst-ever El Niño, which has led the country to experience unprecedented rainfall events and severe weather, especially in the rain season.

In 2017, the country experienced the strongest El Niño on record, leading to record-breaking rainfall, and heavy rainfall and landslide events have occurred throughout the country.

The country has experienced record rainfall events in the past.

The rains have caused widespread damage to property and caused severe flooding, including floods and landsliding in some areas.

The Colombian government is preparing for the flooding, which is expected to continue.

As of Friday, the government was still working to clear debris and restore public safety and the public infrastructure, according to the National Emergency Council.

Colombia has experienced a number of El Niño-related flooding events in recent years, with more than 60 deaths recorded in the country, according the United Nations.

As this El Niño continues, authorities will have to monitor the situation closely, and assess the impact of the El Nino.

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