How to avoid the “march to war” by not going to the movies

María Cartagena is the founder of a group of mothers and other mothers who want to stop “marching to war”.

She is also the host of an online documentary series called “Women in War” which will be broadcast in Spain in September.

In the first episode, María discusses the need to be vigilant when attending or visiting war-torn countries.

“I am concerned for my children’s future and I’m worried about my future children’s,” she said.

“If I go to war, I am going to go to the battlefield.”

This is not the first time María has spoken out on social media.

The 29-year-old activist and mother from the southern city of Córdoba has written about her experiences as a mother and a mother-to-be during war in Colombia.

In 2014, Marías first video went viral.

In it, she speaks of the horrors experienced by children as they are forced to live in war-ravaged areas.

“You have to understand that it’s the same thing for your parents, it’s just the way it’s done,” she told the audience.

“The mothers of war are also fighting, the fathers of war, because they cannot find their kids.”

The videos were widely shared on social networks, which have since made María a household name.

“This is the moment when the media starts to understand the mothers of this conflict,” she added.

“We are fighting to save our children and we’re fighting for the children of our country.”

In the same year, Marín also launched her own series, “The Mothers of the Battlefield”.

She also recently opened up about the dangers of travelling to war-stricken countries in order to visit family.

There’s no other way, you can’t be afraid to go, but the only way is if you’re afraid to be away.””

she said during a visit to Barcelona.”

There’s no other way, you can’t be afraid to go, but the only way is if you’re afraid to be away.

“The documentary series “Women In War” will be aired in September on Marí, with a focus on the experiences of mothers of soldiers.


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