How to buy a car in Venezuela

By MIRALADO BORMAN AND MARIO BONJOURGO—AP, AP/Reuters, REUTERS CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) A Venezuelan lawmaker has filed a lawsuit against a luxury car dealership in the capital of Caracas, accusing it of ripping off customers by using cheap materials to build cars.

Venezuela’s Socialist Party has been in power for four decades but its leaders have been battling the sharp drop in oil prices that has hit the economy hard.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday in the southern state of Miranda by former state governor Mariana Barreiro alleges that the car dealership, Venezolana Caravana, is in the middle of a campaign to rip off Venezuelans who buy the cars in Venezuela’s largest city.

The suit seeks an unspecified amount of damages and an injunction to stop the dealership from using inferior and dangerous materials and to end the illegal practice of using state funds for the construction of cars.

Barreiro was the president of the National Assembly in 2013 when Maduro, then a lawmaker, took office.

The suit was filed on behalf of five members of Barreiras political party, who are members of the ruling party’s congress.

The dealership did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Venezolans are particularly vulnerable to the damage of the economic crisis.

Many rely on the sale of food and other necessities to survive and many families are struggling to keep up with inflation and rising prices.

Vietnam has the highest rate of inflation in the world at more than 200 percent.

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