How to get your hands on this luxury hotel in Cartagena

Cartagene, Colombia (AFP) – A luxury hotel is being touted as Colombia’s answer to the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, with its own beach and bar.

But the Almirante Cartagenes, as the resort is being dubbed, is a much more expensive proposition than the luxurious resorts of Italy and Spain.

It boasts an indoor pool, a bar, restaurants and a restaurant that caters to wealthy Colombians who want a more intimate setting.

The resort is owned by the family of former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, who has ruled the Caribbean nation for more than a quarter of a century.

Its owner, Jose Luis Gonzalez, was forced out by the government last year after his family was convicted of corruption charges.

But Gonzalez has since returned to Colombia, saying the business he has run for nearly 40 years is doing well.

A spokesman for the government in Bogota, which is hosting the Caribbean resort, said in an email to AFP that the Almadones will be the first hotel in the Caribbean to feature the latest technologies, while offering a “sustainable business model”.

“We are a very sophisticated hotel.

We have all the latest technology, and we have created a brand that has international appeal,” said the spokesman, Pedro Fernandez.”

The hotel is a real success story.”

It comes as Colombia prepares to host the Olympics, with the country’s tourism sector forecast to reach $2 billion this year.

But a report released by the International Olympic Committee in February predicted that only 20 per cent of Colombia’s $20 billion tourism revenue will come from the Olympics.

The Almadone is a five-star resort with a spa, golf course, spa, shopping, restaurant, swimming pool, hotel, spa and golf course.

A luxury resort in Cartags, Colombia, on May 15, 2019.

The hotel boasts a spa with a pool, golf club, bar, restaurant and shopping.

Its luxury amenities include a gym, swimming pools, a restaurant, a spa and a bar.

A man sits at the pool at the Almandos resort in Bogotá, Colombia.

Its website states that the resort will feature a spa that will offer visitors a “casual, relaxed and unique experience”.

Gonzalez said the resort would be a “global brand” and would attract “international travellers”.

“The Almirantes are part of our success story.

Our business has been successful in Colombia for more a decade, and for many years Colombia has been the best place to be for Colombians.

We are now looking forward to the upcoming Games,” he said.

The owner of the Almorados, Jose Gonzales, has returned to the country after being expelled from Colombia.

A statement on the resort’s website says the Almas have been “an international brand since 1995”.

It says the resort has “been a global success story”, adding that it will “create a unique, modern and elegant hotel experience”.

The Almas has been a popular destination for Colombian tourists, and has a population of around 70,000.

It is not the first luxury resort to be created in Colombia.

The Costa Rica-based Caribbean resort Casa Blanca opened in 2008, and opened in 2014.

In Colombia, the tourism sector has suffered from a lack of investment and high inflation.

The government has also been criticized for allowing private businesses to set up shop, opening up the country to foreign direct investment.

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