How to stay safe in Colombia vacation destination –

Cartagena, Colombia – Travelling on holiday?

How about the Colombian capital of Bogota?

That’s because you might have been drinking and driving.

Colombia is a hotbed of alcohol-related problems, according to a new report from The Guardian.

The number of deaths related to driving in Colombia has doubled in the past two years, to over 11,000.

That’s about 20 times the number of the year before, according the report.

The Guardian spoke to a range of experts and spoke to the head of the country’s National Traffic Administration.

He said that Colombia’s highways were littered with people who had been drinking, or driving while under the influence of alcohol.

The most recent figures show that almost one in three people have had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.03 or more.

In the first half of this year, about 15,000 people died in Colombia as a result of alcohol related road deaths, according data from the ministry of health.

This is the first time the government has collected data on road deaths from police officers.

In Colombia, drivers under the age of 35 are also at a higher risk of death in traffic accidents than those aged 55 and older.

Colombian police officers are known to be among the most dangerous drivers in the country.

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