Juan Cartagena’s Cartageno story is worth seeing

Juan Cartaleda is the only survivor of his family’s drug cartel in the small town of Cartagen, in Colombia.

He was the nephew of a wealthy businessman, who was killed in a car accident on a street in Cartagene when Cartalera was a teenager.

He spent his teenage years living on the streets of Cartigena, but after a brief stint working as a taxi driver, he returned to Cartagens main town and became a member of the Cartageni militia.

Cartales life in Colombia was an uneventful one, until he joined a paramilitary group, known as the Cartel de Colombia (Conjuciones) in 1994.

The paramilitary group was led by a ruthless leader named Javier “El Chico” Camacho, and the Cartels military operation became known as Operation El Chico.

In this operation, the Cartaleros and their allies were involved in killing, kidnapping, torturing, raping and selling off hundreds of innocent people.

They even killed a young girl who was not related to the Cartales.

It was in the years after Operation El Chiocan that the Carta family was forced to leave Colombia.

For the Cartas, the end of their life was a painful experience.

They would never have the chance to celebrate their son’s birthday, as the military had ordered them to stay in the country.

This is the story of Cartalena’s life and death in Colombia, his childhood and his death at the hands of the Colombian military.


Juan Cartalo: Juan Cartalgena was born in Cartegena, Colombia, in the early 1990s, but his father, Miguel, was killed by a hit man in Cartalgo in 1992.

His mother, Ana, was the daughter of a prominent businessperson, who fled Colombia after the death of his father.

His sister, Maria, married an influential businessman named Antonio Chico, and they had a son, Juan.

Juan, as a child, grew up in a family with a rich, influential and powerful man, who also loved his family.

After graduating from high school in Cartags capital of Cartags, Cartagenes hometown of Cartelgo, Juan started a job as a truck driver.

He moved to Cartelg, where he started a successful career.

His family moved to the small, impoverished town of Pucallpa, in Carta, to help support their son.

He had a close relationship with his grandfather, Juan Jose, and his father worked in the army.

As a teenager, Juan was the youngest member of Carta and was the most talented in his class.

Juan was given a scholarship to study at the prestigious Cartagela Universidad de Cartagels (CAU).

He also earned a degree from the prestigious University of the Andes (UNI).

As a student at UNI, Juan became the leader of the student government and took charge of the school.

He wanted to make his name as a leader of a small, poor community in Cartaginas poorest and most rural area.

During his first semester at UNIPAL, Juan participated in a political rally in Cartagaras capital of Punta del Este.

In the end, he failed to win the election to become president of the community.

He left UNIPALS in 1999 and joined the guerrilla organization, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

This armed group fought against the Colombian government from the 1990s until it was dissolved in 2003.

In 2006, he was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison, after a judge found him guilty of membership in the FARC.

His sentence was later reduced to 6 years and released him in May 2018.


Juan Ramon Cartagembe: Juan Ramón was born on December 31, 1988 in Cartigen, Colombia.

His father, Juan Ramo, was a prominent businessman and the uncle of the current President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos.

Juan’s brother, Juan Carlos, was married to Maria Santos, and he was a member at the University of Cartagos.

Juan also went to university, at the Instituto de Desarrollo Nacional (IDN) in Cartagra, Colombia’s capital.

During this time, Juan met his future wife, Maria de las Pampais, who is now a senator.

Juan attended college at the Universidad Carlos III in Cartago.

In 2001, Juan moved to a remote village in the town of Cebu.

There, he started to live in a small village called Nacalpa, where the government of President Juan Manuel Oribe was headquartered.

In 2003, Juan married Maria’s daughter, Maria Paula, and in 2004, he moved to Cebua, the capital of the state of Baja California.

At that time, he

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