New hotel in Cartagena to host hotel guests for the first time

Cartagina, Colombia — New hotel in Colombia’s capital city is being developed to cater to a growing hotel market and the first of its kind in the country, with plans to open its doors by the end of the year.

The Cartagen hotel will be located in the former Cartageno neighborhood in Cartegena, and it will feature a full suite of modern amenities, including a hotel bar, lounge and kitchenette.

The hotel, which will be opened by the same firm behind the Cartagenna, will have a total floor area of 1,100 square meters (17,200 square feet), and will be the first in Cartigena to be fully equipped with a modern hotel suite, according to the company’s president, Miguel Angel Barros.

The development of Cartagens hotel comes as the Colombian economy is struggling.

The country recorded a $1.1 billion deficit last year, according the government, and its unemployment rate has been nearly 10 percent.

That’s due in part to a lack of jobs, and also the countrys long-running corruption scandals that have rocked the country.

A lot of the hotel development has been financed by the Colombian government, which has invested $60 million in the development, Barros told CNNMoney.

The hotel is being financed by private investors, who will take ownership of the building.

It’s an investment in the city and the country in general, he said.

“Cartagena has always been a resort town, and the idea of a hotel is an extension of that,” Barros said.

“The hotel will create more jobs and will contribute to the economic recovery.”

The hotel was designed by architect Rafael Castillo, who was responsible for many of Cartago’s historic hotels, according Barros, who added that the hotel will include a spa, bar, gym and other amenities.

He said the hotel’s interior will also be more modern, with more space for outdoor activities and the use of natural light.

The resort’s amenities include a large indoor pool and sauna, an outdoor pool with heated water, and a spa.

The resort will have four floors, with one being the hotel, and two being an office and kitchen.

The ground floor will include the hotel bar.

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