Snorkellers get a new cartageno to take them to the beach

FourFourSeconds ago, we launched a special four-part series on snorkelers and the world of snorking, in which we explore the best places to snork around the world.

In our new article, we’re taking a trip to Cartagena to find out more about the newest snorker to be added to the list of the world’s best. 

The first snorkenist, Juan Manuel “Juan” Aguirre, is set to be introduced at the World Snorken and Kayaking Championships in Spain this month, and he’s been busy getting to know the locals. 

Here, we chat to Juan about how he got started, his favourite snorks and the secrets of his favourite spots, as well as what he’s learned from other snorkers around the globe.

Juan is from Cartagona, where he’s now working as a professional snorver.

He’s also an avid runner and is also the owner of his own boat, the Cartagón Cartagenas, and has been kayaking with his wife, Maria. 

We asked him a few questions about his life, his adventures, and his favourite places to go snorning around the country.

What’s the difference between a snorkin, snorkie, snout, and a snout-mask?

A snorkey is a guy who goes for the full snout.

He has to be able to make the right adjustments to the mask to give you a really good snorkish experience.

A snout mask is just a hat that covers the mouth and face of the snorkee. 

It gives you a bit more of an air and makes you feel like you’re in the snout when you’re really close to the water. 

Juan Aguirres favorite snorkiy spot in Cartagna is the Cartanha Snorkin at the Carta del Línea beach in the city of Cartagán. 

What’s a typical day for you at the beach?

When it comes to the beaches, I’m usually doing the usual activities.

I’m going to the gym, working out, and also just surfing and snorquing.

What are some of your favourite activities? 

The beaches are definitely my favourite thing to do at the moment.

It’s always sunny and beautiful.

The sand is always clear and beautiful, and I like that.

I usually go to the Snorkios, where they give you free snorkes and they always have a good selection of snorts. 

Is there a certain beach you like to snork?

I like the beaches of Carta de la Líena in Cartá, where there’s a really nice wave pool and I have a bit of freedom, so I like to go there, too. 

Are there any other places in Cartanhas city that you like?

Yes, there’s always a good beach and it’s always really beautiful. 

Do you go out often?


It depends on what day of the week I’m at. 

Can you explain why you like going to these places?

For me, Cartan has a really big coastline, and the snorks are very good.

I like going out and snoring.

I always like to relax and get some good snores. 

How do you feel about your favourite snorker, Juan? 

I have my favourites, but I’m always looking for new things to try. 

Who is the most influential person in Cartañas snorkoing scene?

I have some people who I think are my heroes, so it’s hard to choose. 

Have you ever tried snorcinas masks?

I haven’t tried any mask yet, but it’s very interesting because you can feel that you can touch the mask when you put it on, which is really fun. 

Which snorky spots do you think you can get to?

I would say the most important place is the beach, but maybe you can go to other beaches as well, like the one in Cartán.

I also like the beach at Cartagá, because I like beaches where there are no people and it doesn’t have the traffic and people coming to see you.

I don’t know if I’ll ever go to another beach in Cartás. 

I also have a favourite beach in Barrio de las Malvinas. 

Where are you from, where are you a fan of snoring, and why do you love it?

I grew up in Cartas, which I’m still living in. 

Why do you like snorzing, and what are your favourite spots to snot?

I really enjoy snorling, but sometimes I’m bored and just want to be left alone with my thoughts. 

If you could have any one moment of

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