“The Biggest Ride” is a game show about your favorite team’s journey through the playoffs

Time and time again, we hear about how teams are going through the offseason and what’s next in terms of player acquisitions, roster changes and more.

That’s exactly what the latest installment of “The BIGGEST RIDE” is all about.

This installment of the game show is hosted by BleacherReport.com and features interviews from the likes of Kyle Lowry, Brandon Ingram, Paul George, Kemba Walker and more, all with a focus on the offseason.

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The first segment of the show, which airs Sunday, May 1, kicks off with an in-depth look at the 2018-19 Philadelphia 76ers.

The show takes a look at what the Sixers were thinking going into free agency and what they’re going to do once the season begins.

They also discuss the team’s outlook in 2018-2019 and whether they will make the playoffs.

The next segment of “Biggest Ride,” which airs on Monday, May 2, is all Sixers fans want to hear.

The guys break down all the free agent signings and trades made in the summer and how the Sixers will look moving forward.

In the third segment of Monday’s show, the hosts give their first impressions of what they saw in the first week of free agency.

We also dive into what the NBA is looking for in players, and who they’re looking for on the trade market.

The fourth segment of Tuesday’s show features a look into the 2018 NBA Draft.

The host discusses the latest rumors and where the teams are at in the draft process.

We talk to several of the top prospects including Jahlil Okafor, Malik Monk, Lauri Markkanen, D’Angelo Russell and more as they try to make the big leap.

The fifth segment of Wednesday’s show is all NBA fans want, and this one is all the talk.

The hosts break down what they witnessed in the past week, including the first day of training camp, and discuss who could be the top candidates to make a jump from the Sixers.

In addition to their regular segments, “The Best Of The Biggest Rides” will feature the latest in the latest basketball news.

For every game, Bleacher Reports will break down the news, analysis and interviews.

The “Bigest Ride” returns to its regular schedule of episodes on Friday, March 3 at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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