The Most Livable Cities in Africa: From Cartagena to Bogota to Cartagna

The Livable City of Cartagosa, Colombia, was voted the most livable city in the world in 2018.

It has a high percentage of people living below the poverty line and is ranked second in COVID-19 prevalence in Colombia.

This is a far cry from the US capital Washington DC, which has the highest rate of COVID in the country.

Cartagos residents are also far more likely to have access to a high-quality public health care system, and are less likely to be unemployed or under-employed, according to the study.

The Livable Cartagas City of Colombia has the best healthcare in the region, according the World Health Organization, with about 85% of its people receiving health care services, according a report by the WHO’s Joint Programme on the Evaluation of Co-Occurring and Consequential Illnesses (JPCI).

The LVC, the capital city of Colombia, is home to a vibrant cultural scene, where Cartagans live in close proximity to each other, according JPCI.

Cartags tourism industry is thriving, as well.

In 2017, there were more than 1,000 tourism companies operating in Cartaganas capital, according Cartagona Mayor Gustavo Paez.

In 2017, the US Embassy reported more than 400,000 visitors to Cartags tourist destination of Cartags Old Town, which is the largest in Colombia, according its website.

Cartagos population grew by 20% between 2015 and 2017, with more than 80,000 Colombians visiting the US from Cartagoes 25 major cities, according US embassy statistics.

The region has seen a large increase in the number of people in the city who are HIV positive since 2015.

This has led to the establishment of the first HIV testing facility in Cartago in 2017, where people can test themselves for HIV at a low cost.

The testing facilities are also now accepting people from Colombia, Colombia and Guatemala who want to test for HIV, according The Associated Press.

More to come.

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