The New World Order Is Just Getting Started: How to Keep an Eye on the World from Cartagena

Juan Cartagenas dream of being the next world ruler is coming true as the first new world order is being launched.

Cartagens first-ever global conference was held in Cartagene, Colombia on January 13, and there was a lot to celebrate.

The first day was dedicated to the new world, which includes a “New World Order” summit with a theme of “the world will be a better place for all”.

And the next day was to discuss “a new global architecture”.

“It is a very important summit,” said Juan Cartanas President, Cartageno, a professor of political economy at the University of Colombia.

“It’s a big step forward for Cartageni society, it’s a new era of democracy, a new architecture of globalization, and a new social space.

Cartanens new global agenda will include a new financial system and a social economy.

The goal is to have a new political structure and a very positive social environment.”

A new “economic architecture” will be unveiled in the next few weeks, said Juan, but that does not mean the new order will be based on a single blueprint.

Instead, the new system will incorporate many different aspects, including: the establishment of a new “common currency”, with the aim of creating a common social and financial system.

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