The White House is taking a hard line on Venezuela’s Maduro

The White Trump administration is taking the opposite approach to Venezuela’s socialist President Nicolas Maduro, who has taken to calling President Donald Trump “the devil.”

In an exclusive interview with The Hill, senior administration officials are pushing back against Maduro’s call for the United States to “cancel” sanctions against Venezuela.

“Venezuela is not our friend.

We are not a party to any conflict in Venezuela,” the senior administration official said.”

We are not going to sanction Venezuela.

We will continue to work with our partners to support their efforts to restore their democracy and freedom.”

The administration official did not provide specifics, but the White House’s position has been clear for some time.

The Trump administration has consistently refused to sanction Maduro’s regime, which has led the country into a brutal civil war and widespread corruption.

“The White House has consistently made clear that sanctions should not be used to justify actions against our partners, and that the United Kingdom and France should continue to provide support to their partners in Venezuela in order to ensure the stability and freedom of their citizens,” the White Houses official said in a statement.

The White house official did say the United Nations has “the tools and resources to take on the regime,” which includes the possibility of deploying peacekeepers.

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