Tourists flock to Cartagena for Colombia’s Cartageno hotel price hike

The resort town of Cartagens was the epicenter of the country’s drug trade when it was founded in 1849.

Now it’s also a tourist destination, with more than 1,500 hotels and 3,000 guesthouses in Cartagen, a vast and picturesque area in northeastern Colombia.

The town is located on the border with Peru, which has become a major transit point for the drug trade.

The new hotel was built on top of a former military barracks, and the surrounding area is a dense urban jungle.

Tourists who pass through the area can take in the view of the lush green hillsides and green fields surrounding the old military barracks.

Prices have risen on top for guests staying in Cartagarnes old military station, which is now a luxury hotel.

It is now priced at US$1,838 per night for a three-night stay, with a US$837-per-night option.

But the prices for Cartagnes new resort hotel have also increased, bringing the total hotel rate to US$2,049 per night.

According to hotel staff, the hotel’s new owner has not yet been contacted by CBC News.

“The prices are so high,” said Jose Miguel Rodríguez, a hotel staff member in Cartags old military hospital.

“It’s really frustrating for us.”

In the city of Cartags, about 60 kilometres north of Cartagos, the average price for a one-night hotel room has increased by 20 per cent since last summer.

The average price of a two-night accommodation at the new Cartagenos resort hotel is now US$3,037, according to hotel employee Jose Miguel Rodriguez.

The old military camp is still the only one of the city’s eight hotels that has a three star rating.

The Cartagenes new resort was built in 2013 on top a former former military base.

The previous owner of the site, Miguel Cesar, has been trying to renovate the site since then, but the new owners haven’t made any progress.

Cesar said he would like to bring the old barracks and military base to the city, but he’s not optimistic.

“If the new owner of this place wants to bring it, they have to find a place that will accept the new guests,” he said.

“They will have to create a new hotel in the city and then they can put it on the market.”

According to the government, the new resort is expected to open in late 2018.

With files from the Canadian Press.

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