What happens when you open a new hotel in Colombia?

Cartagena’s Hotel Cartagna is not just a place to stay, but a place of the past.

The hotel, with a capacity of 3,600, opened on January 5, 2019.

In January, a new “retail space” opened in the area and in January 2019, the restaurant space was re-opened.

Nowadays, the hotel’s most popular spots are the coffee shop and the outdoor pool area.

The restaurant is a unique addition to Cartagaya’s modernist architecture, featuring a modern café, a restaurant and a bar, and a lounge with comfortable chairs.

The resort is located in the upscale area of Cartagay, which was once known as the “Hotel Cartagona.”

The new restaurant is located on the main floor of the hotel, in the heart of Cartags new district, a modernist development.

In recent years, the resort has also added to its already popular restaurants and cafes, including the “Vendito” restaurant, where customers can enjoy the traditional Colombian cuisine and cocktails.

While some of the other new hotel developments in Cartagayan have been in the middle of the city, Cartagas latest development is located outside the city.

The new hotel has been opened to tourists, with more than 150 guests, as of December 31.

Cartagapans new resort has been designed by the designer Filipe G. Sánchez.

Located on a beautiful hilltop in the town of Cartaggay, Cartags “Colombia Plaza” is an outdoor resort, which is open for guests of all ages, to relax and unwind.

The resort is also home to several cafes, restaurants, theatres, and other amenities.

The “Columbia Plaza Hotel” is located near the “Columana” restaurant in Cartags old shopping district, and the restaurant is open to guests of ages 18 and up.

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