What is Cartagena? – Cartagona Girls

Cartagosa is a tiny, sparsely populated village in Colombia’s far north, nestled among the mountains.

The city is a tourist magnet, and is home to some of the countrys most prestigious cultural institutions, such as the Colombian Museum of the World and the National Museum of Cartagas.

Cartagenos are also well known for their vibrant, energetic culture.

There are many traditional dances, music and art traditions that draw visitors to the small town.

Cartags culture, however, has been under threat by the Colombian government for years.

The region is plagued by violence, and in 2015, the Colombian Supreme Court ruled that the government’s war on drugs, dubbed “The Cartagos War”, amounted to illegal and unconstitutional aggression.

Many Cartagens citizens have lost their homes, and many businesses have been looted, leaving many residents unemployed.

Despite the threat, the local authorities continue to work hard to restore their economy, which has been devastated by the drug war. 

The Colombian government has promised to make Cartageno more vibrant.

A number of initiatives are underway, such to promote tourism, expand the local economy, and improve the quality of life.

Cartigos economy is one of the most fragile in the world.

There is an unemployment rate of nearly 50 percent, and the government has not managed to alleviate the severe poverty that has plagued the region for years, according to UNICEF.

This economic crisis has created a growing number of young Colombians, many of whom are not from Cartagenas area.

They have taken to the streets to protest the ongoing war on their land and the ongoing economic crisis in their region.

In a series of videos released in May 2017, the community has spoken out about their plight, and expressed their anger at the Colombian Government for failing to address the problems plaguing their community.

This has led to an outpouring of support for the Cartagenes people. 

Cartagena Girls is a series that investigates the cultural and economic struggles of a small group of Cartags young people, and aims to show them that they are not alone.

It follows the lives of Cartages four local girls, as they embark on a journey to create a better future for themselves and their community through the arts, music, dance and fashion.

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