When it comes to Cartagena beaches, there are no limits

Cartagna, Colombia – In Colombia, it’s the beach and the people that will bring the most excitement, especially on weekends.

But when it comes down to Carta Gerais, you’ve got to find a way to get there.

At the entrance to the beach, the sand is dotted with brightly coloured palm trees.

This is where Cartagens first-ever bikini-clad, bikini-wearing women would gather, enjoying a day out in Cartagene.

“We had to find somewhere we could get out and do it,” said Ms Cartagenas husband, Fernando.

So she started the Carta Guadalajara Association, which started in 2014 to promote a “sexy beach” in the middle of Cartagans beach district.

Ms Cartagnanas first bikini-covered beach is on the southern shore of the island of Carta Grande.

When the Association started, they were looking for a beach to use for an event, and were soon inundated with requests from people wanting to take part.

And then there was the beach itself, which is located at the southern end of Cartágena beach district, where a number of people would be able to swim, play volleyball and relax.

For Ms Cartags husband, it was the perfect spot.

“The beach is the best,” she said.

She was delighted that people from around the world, from Europe to the Americas, would come to Cartacay to see the area.

The Association also provides a free bathing area in Carta guadalajar.

Since the association began, Mr Cartagnenas wife has been swimming in the pool every weekend, as well as helping with the community outreach work.

“We’ve got a lot of volunteers, from all over the world,” he said.

“It’s great for the community to see what is going on, that people are actually working together.”

The beach also has the benefit of being a safe place for women and girls, who are often harassed by locals on weekends, he said, adding it’s been a very positive experience for him.

Cartagens beaches also boast some of the best beaches in the world.

Many of the beachgoers will be in their early 20s or 30s, with some even older than those in Cartacagens age group.

They are attracted to the beaches because they have beautiful sandy beaches and clear waters.

However, not everyone is into the nude.

Some Cartagnes residents have even started a movement called Cartageneras Women, which has been started in response to Cartáginas recent changes to the bathing laws, including the banning of swimsuits and swimming pools.

It is estimated that more than 100,000 women have been harassed by the local authorities on weekends since the ban was announced.

After the ban, Ms Cartagoas husband said, “There was no one there to help me because they didn’t have anyone to help them”.

He added that there was also a fear that the changes might affect Cartaganias tourism industry, especially with the recent tourism arrivals.

“I feel unsafe now because of the changes,” he told News.


Despite the threats, Ms Cognanas husband says there are still people who are willing to come and see Cartagenses beaches.

While there are fewer people who come, they are still very interested in the beaches.

“People from Europe and America come to see us.

They come and visit us, and they enjoy it,” she told NewsComau.”

They see it as a beautiful place, they feel safe there.”

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