When it comes to shopping for prostitutes, Colombians prefer to go for the cheaper option: in Colombia, they prefer to buy sex

The price of sex is rising in Colombia and, if you’re looking for a new sexual partner, the Colombians will probably be the ones paying the price.

According to a recent report by Colombian newspaper El Diario, prostitution has increased by a staggering 11.2 percent from last year.

This is according to the report, which was released by the Colombia Human Rights Commission, the country’s highest court.

The report found that Colombia’s sex industry has grown by about 8,000 percent in the past decade.

The number of prostitutes in the country has more than doubled, the report added.

It also found that the number of sex workers increased by about 9,000 to more than 100,000.

The human rights commission found that many Colombian women are choosing to remain in prostitution and continue their work after they have finished college.

They do this because they are worried about the economic repercussions of being arrested or even killed, as well as the fact that they cannot afford to buy the necessary clothes and lingerie.

The Colombians who choose to stay in the sex industry have a variety of reasons to stay, according to El Diaro.

Some prefer to work as prostitutes to earn money for their families, while others have families that are in the process of remarriage.

El Diario reports that many Colombians are willing to do this for a variety.

In the past year, Colombian men have become more adventurous about going out and buying prostitutes in cities like Bogota and Cartagena.

However, in order to get a better price, they often pay a large sum for the service.

According to El diario, the women who buy sex from these men are often willing to negotiate the price and negotiate down the price to a more affordable amount.

The Colombian government has tried to crack down on the sex trade in the last few years, with the passage of the Prostitution Bill in 2013 and the Prevention of Trafficking of Children Law in 2014.

Both of these laws have had a significant impact on the trafficking of women in the nation, and many Colombian men are now using the legal loophole that allows them to pay for sex.

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