When Spanish conquistadors took control of New Spain, their empire came to an end

NEW YORK — The Spanish conquists came to New Spain with a plan to rule for 500 years.

But for the people of the New World, it was the end of an era.

For thousands of years, they ruled the island nation of Cartagena.

The Spaniards, a group of Christian converts who arrived in the 1600s, had brought a religion and an empire they thought could survive.

Their conquests brought them to this island that they thought was theirs to rule.

The first people to see them coming were the Spaniards themselves, who had been hiding in the mountains of South America since the 14th century.

But they were surprised by their new arrival.

It was not as they expected.

For a few months, the Spanish were the only people in the New world.

But over time, they lost their way.

The Spanish were not happy about it.

They were not satisfied with just conquering Spain.

They wanted more.

They want to rule over the world.

They needed to rule all over the planet.

They wanted to rule the entire world, but they were going to have to fight.

They had to fight the conquistads and the Catholic Church.

They fought each other.

They did not want to give up their conquests, so they fought the church, which in turn was fighting each other with its own missionaries and its own armies.

The Spanish had to put aside their differences and cooperate.

They also had to cooperate with the Portuguese, who controlled much of the world at the time.

They didn’t want to become slaves of the Portuguese.

So, they negotiated with them.

In 1614, a Spanish explorer named Francisco Pizarro reached New Spain.

He arrived in Cartagua, a small town on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.

The townspeople were not thrilled.

They called the Spaniard “the new god” and “the man who is the king of the Indies.”

And the locals, who were mostly Catholic, were not impressed by him.

The Portuguese, on the other hand, were very excited.

They sent a fleet to New Caledonia, which is now Spain, to conquer the new kingdom.

The Portuguese had never been to New Guinea.

They believed the Spanish had a huge empire there.

They brought with them an army of more than 300,000.

But the Spanish managed to defeat the Portuguese in a very short time.

The first Spaniards had not conquered New Calcedonia.

It is called the War of the First New Caliber, a name that is now used to refer to the first time a new ruler is put down.

The War of Independence, which was fought on July 3, 1775, was the first major battle of the Spanish-American War.

The New Cales, a term that means “new country,” are people who have become Spanish and who are considered a new people.

They are different from the people who were originally Spanish.

They speak a new language, Spanish.

That’s the language that the Spanions came to.

And they became part of the nation, the New Caledes.

They are very proud of that, the idea of having a new homeland, and they are very angry with the Spanish Church for having an empire in the first place.

And so they put down the Spanish, the Church, and the Church began to fight each other in a war that lasted for nearly a century.

They never really had a chance.

They finally, by 1811, came to a peace agreement.

But not everyone was happy.

The New Calese did not accept the peace.

They started calling themselves the New Colón.

They began using the term Colón to refer only to the New Spanish people.

In the meantime, the Portuguese and the Spanish continued their war.

They even went to war with each other again in 1812, 1813, 1814.

It didn’t end well for the Spanish.

The most devastating conflict of the war was between the Spanish and the Portuguese that started in 1811.

The fight lasted for several years.

In 1813 the Portuguese defeated the Spanish in a naval battle.

In that battle, the Spanias had only 2,000 men and 1,200 sailors.

But that was the last battle they fought.

They then decided to go into the jungle and fight the Portuguese there.

But in the jungle, they did not succeed.

The jungle was too dangerous, and their only weapons were spears.

The spears fell on their men and on the jungle.

The fighting lasted for a long time, for many years.

The battle was so bitter that it destroyed the entire Spanish Empire.

The entire kingdom of New Calededonia was destroyed.

And the people that were left were the New Spaniards.

The war between the two peoples lasted for almost 100 years, until it ended in 1815.

After that, there were no more wars.

But many people still felt the pain of the defeat.

They feel like the Spanish

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