When the Cartagena Airport Code Will Change to Wilmer-Cartagena

The new name will be added to airport codes throughout Brazil, including the capital, Brasilia.

The name is a nod to the historic port city, with the city name being an anagram of the word “Cartagel,” meaning the city of gold.

The new code will take effect at midnight on Thursday, August 25.

It will be the first time a Brazilian city’s name is being changed on the same day in Brazil.

“This is a historic moment in Brazilian history, and this is why we’re so excited to have the code changed,” said Brazilian Tourism Minister João Sousa.

A Brazilian government official also said that it was not immediately clear whether the name change would affect the status of Brazilian tourists, as the airport was the first port in the country to offer direct flights to Europe.

The city has long been a destination for Brazilians looking for their first experience of Europe.

Brazil’s name has been a source of controversy, with some calling for it to be changed to “Carta,” referring to the city where the name was originally written.

A Brazilian law, introduced in 2005, requires all cities to change their names to reflect the local dialect.

But a Brazilian politician last month said the name should remain as is, calling it a sign of “European” culture.

The code change comes just weeks after Brazil’s president, Michel Temer, called for a boycott of the Olympics in the South American country, saying it would make Brazil less attractive to foreign tourists.

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