When the plane crashes, the plane that survived will be the first in a new breed of jet ski

In November, a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Boston plunged into a lake at Fenix Beach, just outside of Cartagena.

As the plane hit the water, the crew of the Cessna 208 crashed and burned to death.

In the years since, the jet ski, known as a cartageno, has become an iconic image of the jet age.

And now, that’s about to change.

The company that built the plane, Fenix, has unveiled a new line of planes designed for the new jet age: the Fenix Jet.

The jet will be available in 2019 and 2019-20.

It will also feature a new safety feature called the jet-up, which allows pilots to fly without the need for oxygen masks.

The plane is the latest of several to roll out in the next several years.

The world’s first cartagenas, made in Mexico, are in service with international carriers.

The first cartagos were unveiled by the Russian company TASER in 2017.

But now, the latest model, the Fenx, is being unveiled at the Air Show in Orlando, Florida.

The new jet-down feature will allow pilots to safely fly without masks in the cockpit of the plane.

“We want to provide pilots with a more modern aircraft to fly in a safer environment,” said Fenix Chief Executive Officer Mike Baca.

The Fenix has been on the market for just under a year and is still in the production phase.

It is a rugged, high-performance jet with a range of 3,000 miles.

Fenix will sell its new jet at about 1,500 dealers.

The aircraft will be powered by two turbojet engines and have a top speed of up to 350 mph.

It also has an integrated GPS navigation system.

It can travel up to 200 mph on an average straightaway.

The jets will also be able to take off and land vertically, and can take off vertically with an attitude of 180 degrees.

But Fenix is looking at a wide range of aircraft.

It plans to have several aircraft at launch, as well as planes that will eventually be sold to private jets, according to Baca and other executives.

“When you start out in this business, you have a really good understanding of the airplane, of the technology,” Baca said.

“Then you have to figure out what your future plans are.

So this jet will allow us to do that.

We’re hoping to start production in the second half of 2019.”

The new jets will be a great step for the company, but it’s not a guarantee that the plane will be sold.

“This plane is really a great investment,” BACA said.

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