When to go to Colombia: 10 facts and figures

Cartagena, Colombia — — The city of Cartagna, the Colombian capital, is not a tourist destination, but it is a key transit hub for the country’s largest cargo ship.

It’s a region that is home to one of Colombia’s largest exporters and has a significant trade in seafood.

With a population of more than 11 million, the city is home not just to Cartagno, the largest municipality in Colombia, but also to the city of Medellin, where many of Colombia�s most famous artists are based.

This week, we are revisiting a story from 2015, when a group of journalists in Cartageno were detained by police for nearly two months for trying to document what they saw.

On June 23, 2016, at least two people were arrested in Cartagic on suspicion of illegally taking photos and video.

According to the official investigation report, the suspects were in Cartagos hotel room for a meeting with a member of the Colombian media who was staying at a resort in the city.

The journalists, who were released on bail, said that after leaving the hotel room, the hotel staff called police and the police were summoned.

After they left the hotel, police went to the hotel and asked the hotel security to look into the video they took, the report said.

They were unable to find anything suspicious in the hotel lobby and the footage was eventually released.

The police report says that after the journalists were released from custody, a group called the Cartagenist, an online news organization that is affiliated with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), took down a Facebook page of the journalists and posted videos of the incident, the Cartanist reports.

The news was picked up by other Colombian media outlets, including Colombia�a version of USA Today and El Universal.

A day later, Colombia�re newspaper El Tiempo published a front-page article saying that the police�s actions were “illegal.”

It was also the day the media outlets reported on the arrest of the cameraman. Colombia�federal police later arrested the cameramen who shot the videos, and the journalist who recorded the incident was charged with illegally taking pictures and filming without a permit.

The Colombian police report said that the incident had happened because the journalists, some of whom were students, were taking photographs of the city center and had gone to a hotel.

“It was a case of an accident,” journalist Manuel Gómez told Medellín�s El Tiems newspaper.

The journalist said that he did not know the cameraperson was a journalist, and he did have a permit for taking pictures.

The cameraman, who has since been released, said he was not in Cartas hotel room at the time of the event.

He did not respond to messages sent to his cell phone.

Colombia’s Supreme Court has ordered a hearing on the case.

Colombia, the world�s third-largest producer of coca leaves, has been hit hard by a rising number of coco-related deaths, and has seen a rise in drug trafficking.

On April 4, 2017, the U.N. Special Rapporteur on the human rights of indigenous peoples released a report on Colombia that detailed the country�s human rights situation, which was also cited by President Juan Manuel Santos to justify his plan to make the country a coca-producing country.

On the same day, Colombia passed a law that allowed the police to search a person�s home without a warrant, and that allowed police to detain people without a court order for two days without trial.

On May 6, the United Nations’ International Court of Justice ruled that Colombia had violated the human right to peaceful assembly, and ordered the government to implement the ruling.

A week later, Colombian President Juan Carlos Varela signed into law a law giving authorities the right to search people�s homes without a judge�s order, even if they have a court warrant.

And on May 19, the Supreme Court ruled that police should have the right and authority to search homes without warrants.

In a statement, the President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Vareja, said in the wake of the ruling that the government would take measures to ensure that Colombians are protected against the dangers of the trade in coca.

Colombia is also considering expanding the use of surveillance drones, which are currently used by Colombian police to investigate crimes, and are also used by the police for search warrants.

Colombia has been grappling with drug trafficking, and its government has struggled to crack down on cartels.

It�s estimated that as many as 3.7 million Colombians work in the cocaine trade, which includes coca, hashish, and other products.

According a U.S. State Department report in March 2017, Colombia has the highest rate of cocampreneur deaths of any Latin American country

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