When Venezuela’s new President, Pedro Carmona, says he’s a feminist

A new slogan has been put up on Venezuela’s presidential election posters that says “A woman’s place is in the home” and the slogan has caused outrage among political opponents.

The slogan was created in response to the government’s decision last month to allow women to vote for the first time in the country’s history.

Carmona, who is expected to become Venezuela’s next president in January, said in a televised address on Tuesday that he is a feminist and a “feminist-in-chief” during a televised debate with the opposition leader Henrique Capriles.

He has previously said women should not serve in his cabinet, and that he would have a “strong” stance on abortion rights.

Carciles has called for the resignation of the new president.

The new slogan also includes the slogan “feminism has its place” and a picture of a female protester holding up a sign that reads “Mongol women are our sisters.”

The woman holds up a banner reading “Cara Máxima, I am a feminist-in-” with a picture that says, “I am a woman, I have my place.”

The other women are seen holding signs saying, “Yes, we will have a socialist revolution, we want a socialist country.”

The campaign comes as the new socialist government is struggling to put together a coalition to win the vote.

The opposition has been accusing Caprils’ administration of being too slow in getting the necessary funds for an election, which was due to take place this week.

The opposition said the government had to pay salaries of about 3 million people in addition to the 3 million who were already enrolled in the official voter list.

Capriles’ administration, meanwhile, has repeatedly denied any corruption.

It has been accused of using government funds to pay for advertising, which critics say is misleading and creates confusion.

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