When you need a map to navigate the world, Cartagena’s Cartagens is for you

The small city of Cartagennes, Colombia, is in the middle of a major earthquake.

In the days after the disaster, the local media began reporting that a large number of people had lost their lives.

And then, one night, there was a map.

It wasn’t a good one.

It was a little shaky, but it was the one the local government wanted to share.

And it was about the worst one they could come up with.

As a result, they had to make a lot of changes.

First, they created a new language.

Then they made a huge overhaul of their map.

The map was made in the hopes that it would help with emergency response and recovery efforts.

But the community in Cartagenes capital, Cartigena, was unhappy.

And the mayor had other ideas.

“The people have been saying, why did you create the map in the first place?

And we can’t even make a map that is good enough to be shared with the general public,” says Pedro Antonio, a cartageno who runs a restaurant called Naveñana that’s run by the city’s mayor, Antonio Carretero.

“So I said, we’re going to create a new map.”

This is what you see when you walk through the streets of Cartigennes, Cartags largest city.

The new map, which was just released today, was inspired by an incident that took place in Cartags neighborhood on the night of September 25.

According to the official death toll, 20 people died in the quake.

The mayor wanted to give a new way to communicate about the disaster.

So, in Cartaginas new version of the map, they put the name of the city on top, and made a new version with the name and location of the earthquake.

The map now says: “Cartagena earthquakes.”

As part of the effort, the mayor also made a list of places that had been damaged or destroyed.

These included the historic Cartagenos palace and the city center, but also the city park, the city zoo, the community center, the hospital, and the local airport.

The mayor had this goal in mind: to make it as easy as possible for the public to use and share the new map.

So, they made this special version of it, and shared it with the world.

The city also took a small step to make sure people knew how to find their way around the map.

In order to help prevent people from making the same mistakes they did, they have made the map very wide, so it can’t be used as a map when walking around.

But, in the old version, the map would show you a small town and an airport.

So it’s still usable, but you’ll have to be really quick and precise.

The only way to make the old map work again is to make an entirely new version.

And that’s exactly what they did.

To get this new map out into the public, they also had to figure out how to translate it.

For this, they used a translation service called MappingOngoing.

That’s a company that translates foreign languages and other texts into English.

But they also make the maps themselves.

So they translated the new version to English.

The translation of the new Cartagene version: https://t.co/9qW6g9tLfE — Mapping Ongoing (@MappingOongo) October 29, 2019The process was slow, but they managed to get the new maps out into a wider audience.

And now, they are helping local government in Cartigenes capital and other small towns across the country share it with their people.

The result: The maps are now so popular that even the local mayor, who was so unhappy about the map when it first came out, has taken to sharing it on his Facebook page.

And as they’re doing that, they’re also sharing it with other local governments around the world that are also struggling with a pandemic.

In fact, they want to make Cartagenses version of this map available to everyone in the world as well.

“This is the kind of thing we do as mayors in Cartaguas because we want to help out our neighbors,” says Santos.

“But I think we can do it for everybody, and we’ll be able to provide this map to all of the cities in Colombia that are affected by the pandemic, to give them a way to see where the food is coming from and what’s going on.”

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