Which country will win in the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games?

The first Games in South America since 1984 have begun, and the spotlight is now on Brazil.

The world’s second biggest economy is hoping to break the record for most medals in a single Olympics, and hopes to build on its strong performance in Rio de Janeiro.

However, Brazil’s Olympic programme will be scrutinised by the international community and its human rights record, and will likely be criticised for its treatment of refugees, women and migrants.

A report commissioned by Brazil’s national federation of sports and entertainment, Sports and Human Rights, said the country should have acted sooner when more than 50,000 asylum seekers arrived in Rio on the first day of the Games, while more than 300 people were detained at the port.

The report also criticised the country for failing to respond quickly to the wave of asylum seekers arriving on its shores.

“The number of asylum-seekers arriving in Brazil is an alarming number and we must continue to address this situation in order to protect the health and safety of those who are fleeing violence and persecution in the country,” said the report, written by Rio-based Rio+20 organisers.

The Rio+10 host nation is currently hosting the London 2012 Summer Olympics and has hosted some major sporting events.

Rio 2016 will also be held in its first major Olympics since 1984, when it hosted the Asian Games.

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