Which gym in Colombia should you visit?

Colombia’s economy is in crisis, and the country’s government has been forced to spend billions of dollars to prop up its struggling tourism industry.

The government has also been accused of using the state of emergency to seize private businesses, businesses that have not been targeted by the state, and businesses that do not operate as publicly owned businesses.

The president has promised to close down the state-run gym chain Cartagena, which he claims is a threat to national security and is causing an economic crisis.

But many Colombians still want to go to the state gym, which is operated by a consortium of private companies.

Some Colombians have been using the government’s official website to try to register for the gym, but they have been blocked by government officials, who say they do not have the necessary permits to do so.

One of them, Jose Pacheco, told CBC News that the government has not given him any paperwork to register.

“I’m afraid because I don’t have a passport, I can’t go and register myself,” Pachecoso said.

“But I have an agreement with the government that we’ll get the permits, but if I don, I won’t be able to go.”

The government is also refusing to allow anyone to take the paperwork to the gym and they are telling businesses to use the official website.CBC News’ Eliana Garcia-Reyes reports from Bogota.

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