Which is better, Cartagena or La Rioja?

A Brazilian court on Monday ordered a Brazilian nightclub to close over allegations it had been renting rooms in a building owned by a Jewish family in Cartagna.

The court ordered La Rioza to close and ordered the family to pay up to $2 million ($2.5 million) in damages.

The owner of La Riojas nightclub, Eduardo Garcia, was charged in July with violating the Jewish Community Relations Act and was released from prison.

The owner of the La Riojas club, Jose Carlos Vela, was not charged in connection with the case.

The case sparked outrage from the Brazilian Jewish community and the Jewish community in Brazil.

The Brazilian Jewish Community Council said the case was an example of racism against Brazilian Jews.

The La Riojias case has raised concerns in Brazil about whether or not the Jewish people are protected under the law, and whether there are enough laws to protect them, the Jewish Council said.

The Jewish Community of Cartageno, a community center in Cartags state capital of Rio de Janeiro, said it was saddened by the court’s decision.

The Center of Jewish Culture in Cartagueno, the neighborhood of the nightclub, said in a statement it would appeal the decision.

The decision by the Supreme Court of Cartags, which has the power to enforce local laws, is final, the center said.

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