Which one of these hotels in Hyatt Place will make your next holiday a bit more romantic?

We’ve all been there: We’re in the lobby of a hotel and the barista is standing behind you and you notice the same guy you see at the door.

You’ve noticed him standing behind everyone else.

You’re thinking: “Wow, he’s really nice.

He just happens to have a little thing on his head.”

So, you start talking to him.

Then, you realize he has a huge red mustache.

And you’re just like, “Whoa, wait, that’s me, too.”

And you realize, yeah, you’ve noticed the guy behind you.

And then you start to realize, “Well, maybe I’m the one with the mustache.”

The barista starts to be friendly and you start feeling like, Yeah, I’m not a bad guy.

So, we thought, “Why not?”

And so, we’re here to ask you to vote for your favorite hotel in Hyatts Place, and we want to hear your thoughts.

Who is your favorite?

Do you have any favorites that you’re proud of?

Have we missed any great hotels in the area?

We’re here with our hotel partner, Hyatt Cartagena, so we’re going to do a big poll, so get on that elevator, we’ve got a guest count of more than a hundred people.

And we’re counting on you to give us your favorite Hyatt Hotel, and that is going to be our winner.

So vote now.

Tell us which hotel is your favourite in HyATT Place.


Hyatt Plaza Hotel at Hyatt Regency, Hyatts, LA (1,539 votes) 2.

Hyatts Towne Center Hotel at the Hyatt, Hy-Town, LA 2.

The Hyatt City Center Hotel, Hytt Place, LA 3.

Hy-City Center Hotel & Suites Hotel, The Hy-Cities, LA 4.

Hyatestown Hotel, Downtown Hyattsville, LA 5.

Hya-Ching Hotel, Chingley, LA 6.

The King Street Hotel, King Street, LA 7.

Hyaw Hotel, West Hyatts (Crescent City), LA 8.

The South Beach Hotel, South Beach, LA 9.

Hyalite Hotel, La Cañada Flintridge, LA 10.

The Hilton Hyatt Bayview, Hyland, LA 11.

Hythe Bay View, La Haute, LA 12.

The La Brea Hotel, North Shore, LA 13.

The Marriott Hotel, Lake Tahoe, CA 14.

The Marquee Hotel, Grand Hyatt Tower, LA 15.

The Palazzo Hotel, Riverside, CA 16.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Hollywood, CA 17.

The Sheraton Hotel, Los Angeles, CA 18.

The TCL Chinese Garden Hotel, Las Vegas, NV 19.

The Tower Hotel, Venice, CA 20.

The Westin Hyatt Garden City, Las Cruces, NM 21.

The Plaza Hotel, Houston, TX 22.

The Wyndham Downtown Hyatt Las Vegas Hilton, Las, NV 23.

The Waterfront Hotel, Newport Beach, CA 24.

The Shangri-La Hotel, Santa Monica, CA 25.

The Grand Hy-Tech, Irvine, CA 26.

The Waldorf Astoria, Hollywood Hills, CA 27.

The New Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, Ca 28.

The Four Seasons Beverly Hills Hotel, Beverly, CA 29.

The Mandarin Oriental, New York, NY 30.

The Baymont Hyatt Hills, Beverly Hill, CA 31.

The Wynn Las Vegas Hotel, Wynn, NV 32.

The Palace of Versailles, Paris, France 33.

The Taj Mahal, Taj Mahar, India 34.

The Champs Elysees, Paris-Roubaix, France 35.

The Villa Regent Hotel, London, UK 36.

The Beverly Hilton Paris, Paris 37.

The Marriot Hotel, Paris 38.

The Guggenheim, New Jersey, USA 39.

The Dormitory at Grand Hyatts Hotel, New Orleans, LA 40.

The Omni Hotel, Chicago, IL 41.

The Grove Hotel, Atlanta, GA 42.

The Holiday Inn at Grand Central Terminal, New YORK 43.

The Regency Hotel, Miami, FL 44.

The Savoy, New Delhi, India 45.

The St. Regis, Los Angles, CA 46.

The Riviera, Las Ramblas, Spain 47.

The Hotel de Ville, Cannes, France 48.

The Le Petit Cambodge, Paris 49.

The Park Hotel, Tokyo, Japan 50.

The Palm Beach Convention Center, Palm Beach, FL 51.

The Residence at the Grand Hyachis Hotel, Hong Kong, China 52.

The Renaissance Hotel, Bordeaux, France 53.

The Courtyard, Chicago Chicago, Illinois 54.

The Luxor, Venice Venice, Italy 55.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel New York City

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