Which teams have the most wins and losses?

In an attempt to find out which teams have been the best at playing their best football, Fox Sports has made a database to see which teams won the most matches and lost the most games.

The database will be updated as new data is collected.

Fox Sports Football Manager has a very detailed database of player data from the previous seasons, including how many goals scored, assists, fouls, and yellow cards.

In order to compile the data, the team with the most goals scored will have to win the most regular-season games, and the team that has the most points will have the second-highest total points tally. 

However, the data doesn’t stop there.

Teams that have played more than two games will have a higher scoring chance than teams that have only played one. 

A team with a win percentage of 50% or greater will have an overall better chance of winning than a team that’s had a win of less than 50%. 

There are many variables to the data set, and it is possible that some of these variables are not captured in the current database, or in other databases. 

For instance, it’s not clear if the players who scored goals were considered to be a “goal threat”, as opposed to simply being “good” or “bad”. 

There is also the issue of “loyalty”, which is the difference between having the most players and the least players, which is not captured by the database. 

Fox Sports Football Managers will be keeping an eye on the data and updating the database with the latest data. 

In the meantime, here are some of the most interesting statistics. 

The database includes data from all seasons and matches from 2005-09 to 2018-09, so it’s worth checking the database for your own teams and seasons. 

It’s possible that the data may be inaccurate in some years.

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