Why Colombia’s Bogota airport airport has become a hub for smuggling

BOGOTA (AP) Colombia’s airport in the Bolivar province has become the center of a smuggling operation that has left hundreds of Colombians homeless, while the United States and other countries warn it is ripe for a repeat.

The United States on Thursday said Colombia’s Cartagena airport was the most-used by the drug cartels that dominate Colombia’s southern coast, while Bolivia and Brazil said the same.

The airport was built to accommodate large cargo planes and was meant to serve Colombia’s international airline, El Transatlantic, which is controlled by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

But the airport has turned into a haven for drug smugglers who have exploited the lack of security at the airport.

They have been taking advantage of the airport’s poor security.

They’re smuggling contraband from Bolivia and Colombia into the United Kingdom, where they’ll then be brought to the United State.

That’s where Colombia’s president, Juan Manuel Santos, is scheduled to visit on Thursday.

Santos has promised to bring back the plane’s passengers, including some Colombians who have been held hostage by drug traffickers.

The plane is one of the most popular cargo planes in Colombia, according to officials.

Colombia’s state-run airline said the airline flew 717 flights last year, with 4,832 passengers and 9,946 crew members.

The flight was the second-most-sold flight in Colombia last year.

The government has blamed Colombia’s war on drugs and human rights abuses.

Santos has said he wants to help those who need it most.

He’s also promised to close down the airport and bring it back to normal.

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