Why the New ‘Big Hero 6’ Will Have A Different Voice Than The ‘Big Bang Theory’ Star’s

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We’ve all heard that.

But there’s one character from the latest big-screen Big Hero 6 who has a slightly different voice than his co-stars: Ben Schwartz, who voices the character Chihiro Nakamura.

“I’ve always wanted to have my own voice,” Schwartz tells EW.

“We had to go back and forth on the voice for the voice of Chihirou.

We tried everything, and we finally settled on the one that Ben wanted.”

The voice of a character in a video game is not always easy, but Schwartz says he has been working to get that right.

“There’s not many voices like Ben,” he says.

“That’s the way I think of it.”

Schwartz has been vocal about his desire to work with a more nuanced, realistic voice in his work in recent years.

“For the most part, there’s always been an idea that it’s a big problem for women to have their voices heard,” Schwartz says.

He’s not the only actor to voice female characters, either.

Jennifer Jason Leigh voices a character named Margo in The Hunger Games series, and actress Scarlett Johansson voiced a female version of the character in the upcoming Batman film.

The new voice will help the character stand out, but it will also add to the diversity of the characters onscreen.

“The idea of [chibi] characters and people like that is really exciting,” Schwartz adds.

“But I think that’s also the thing that we really want to do.

We’re always trying to make characters that are more diverse, that are stronger, and that are kind of bigger than just a cute sidekick.

And we definitely want to bring back the original cast.”

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